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Ex Machina
« on: November 05, 2016, 05:32:59 PM »
Didn't like it. Didn't make sense.

1) Backup generators power surveillance cameras.
2) IoT surveillance data make up less than 10% of surveillance tech. Most use CCTV- closed circuit not connected to the internet.
3) Surveillance cameras aren't video cameras and don't capture facial expressions. It averages out motion & designed to conserve space.
4) Search databases are filtered & isn't a true measure of preferences. Search engines capture less than 1% of internet data. Most data housed in servers independent of search engines.
5) Internet data isn't AI data. AI data needs data from science experiments. For instance microexpressions is from science experiment and not surveillance cameras.
6) Mentioned algorithms & theories are tethered to programming not science.
7) Plato's cave color black white whatever that was is incorrect. For it to make sense "Ava" would have escaped on her own- go blind- then return back to help that guy in love with her. Instead, it appeared more like a psychotic horror flick typical of Hollywood leaving her creators dead beware AI is a cute terminator chic.